PTG offers a small, well lite classroom for small groups and One on One sessions. This room is cluttered but cozy with all the different art supplies and projects going on.

PTG offers a large, well lite classroom on our second floor for our events and parties. Multiply tables and chairs provide ample work space for medium to larger groups. At this point in time we are undergoing some renovation so we are a bit more cluttered in this area than we like but we still have fun!



Join us at the Pear Tree Gallery with a small group of friends (6 or more) and get creative!

Together, we will put on our thinking caps and plan an event that will please and entertain everyone invited to YOUR art party.
Painting, drawing, crafts…..there are many activity options.

Cost: $35 covers art instructions, materials, supplies and equipment needed for your 2 hour event.
Hostess/Host: Responsible for $50 deposit to hold party date with balance due on date of party.
Optional: Refreshments served by the Hostess/host

Birthday Parties
Family and friends
Sorority Groups

Teri offers One on One classes ($20/one hour)

arge, well lite event/classroom on 2nd floor of the Pear Tree Gallery, 331 E Market Street in Down Town Logansport

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