Framed Art on Canvas

Although watercolors and printing methods preceded oil paintings on the art market, art on canvas soon was regarded as the finest of fine art.
There are many types of art on canvas on the market today. Oil paintings, acrylic paintings, giclée prints, and transfer prints are among the most popular, but there are other kinds, including egg tempera, oil pastel, and mixed media. It can sometimes be difficult to tell one type from another, especially because there are materials and techniques that can make one look like another.
As with any fine art purchase, the buyer should do as much as possible to learn about the art and the artist. The value is not based simply on the media used to create the image on the canvas. There are also issues of quality, rarity, popularity and the amount of pleasure the art brings to the buyer.
Art on canvas should not be covered with glazing (glass or acrylic sheeting.) It is usually best to leave the surface of art on canvas exposed, both to enjoy its texture and to allow oil media to breathe.